Boston Get a Loan Today
Here is an example how we
work or payout.

We are the only pawn shop in
Boston that quotes by text in
advance to avoid wasting your

We want to let you know if you
need a loan you will get more

LBC Boutique & Loan prove it
by text for example.
  • Since we pay 80% spot price
    for gold which is highest in
    the state. Most pawn shops
    only pay 50-60% for your
    gold . For example you have
    $1000.00 worth of gold we
    will give up to a $500.00
    loan for it. ALL other pawn
    shops in Ma would give you
    only up to $333.00.

  • Since we are GIA certified we
    pay more than any other
    diamond buyer in Boston.
    We prove it by text. This
    means if your diamond is
    worth $5000.00. We would
    give you a loan for $2500.
    Other pawn shops only give
    you a loan for $1700.00.

  • This is way to high for a
    normal Lender to be lending.

  • Another example is a Rolex

Borrowing money is an easy
way to get bills paid or go on
Don't be shy or embarrassed.
This is what we do help you
pay your bills.
We are unlike other lenders
  • We take a large assortment
    of items
  • We pay 80% spot for Gold &
    Silver which is highest in the
  • We can lend you the money
    as well
  • We do light background
    checks that ensures that we
    don't buy stolen stuff.
  • We don't waste time
  • Parking behind Building
  • Money to Loan in Boston
  • Loan or buy anything of
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